Vee.Finance Weekly Report 10/19

Vee Finance
3 min readOct 19, 2021


Hey, Vee.Finance community,

Welcome to our weekly report where we keep the Community up to date about what to expect in the coming week and provide a quick recap of the previous week.

Last week recap:

$VEE staking is live

$VEE staking functionality is live. Users can stake their VEE from their wallet on Vee.Finance and gain additional VEE every minute! We have worked out a strategic staking rate for VEE holders, which basically comprises 4 stages of stake.

Launching Halloween event

We have launched a special Halloween event to encourage our community to use the staking function. All users who meet the event rules will enjoy a 500% promotional APR as the Halloween treat and earn a chance to win 3000 USDT. Click here to enter the event.

Publishing security measures taken by Vee.Finance V2

The security of Vee.Finance is our highest priority, and we focus on building a protocol that is reliable and safe. With the V2 running stably, we would like to update the measures we have taken to ensure the safety and security of the funds in our platforms. Click here for details.

Preparing for IDO

We have conducted preliminary communication with the IDO platform and submitted relevant materials. We will update the follow-up progress to official social media in time.

Creating the compensation pool

The compensation pool will be open on October 31. By that time, we will deposit all the retrievable revenue into the pool on October 31, 2021. The number of tokens deposited will be calculated as a percentage of their dollar value and the token price will be based on a snapshot as of October 28 EDT.

Coming up:

Listing on centralized exchanges

In response to requests from our community, we are ready to contact a number of CEXes and we will keep you updated on our official Twitter or Telegram.

Deploying on Klaytn

As a DeFi cross-chain lending platform, we have already started to deploy the klaytn public chain. Klaytn is supported by the Korean government and banks as the infrastructure that carries the development of the Korean blockchain ecology. And with the power of Kakao at its back, Klaytn is expected to convert all Korean users into eco-users and extend the ecology in various fields. After successful deployment, Vee.Finance will have a wider scope for development.

Adapting the Vee.Finance website for mobile

According to Google Analytics, over 40% of users access the Vee.Finance website via mobile. To make it more accessible to the community users, the technical team is working on developing a dapp adapted to mobile.


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