Vee.Finance Halloween Special Event: Stake VEE to enjoy 500% APR and earn a chance to win 3000 USDT

Vee Finance
2 min readOct 18, 2021

Dear users.

We are proud to announce that the staking feature will be launched on October 19, 2021. And to encourage our community to use staking to earn more VEE, we will also launch a special Halloween event after the function is live.

All users who meet the event rules will enjoy a 500% promotional APR as the Halloween treat.

In addition, to make the event more fun. We’ll have 2 lucky winners. A snapshot of the first block transaction hash ID at 23:59 EDT of October 31 will be taken. The user whose staking hash is closest to this HASH will be eligible for additional rewards of 3000 USDT. The second closest will enjoy a 1,000% APR.

Event Period: Staking function launch time to October 31, 2021, 23:59 (EDT)

Eligibility Rules:

1) The amount of staking should be over 2,000 VEE during the campaign period. If the balance of staking VEE is less than 2,000 by the snapshot, the user will NOT be eligible for the rewards.

2) Any un-staking transaction during the campaign period, will forfeit the eligibility of participation.

Event Description:

1) APR calculation: VEE 500% APR = Staked VEE Earned * 500%, VEE 1000% APR = Staked VEE Earned * 1000%.

2) The rewards will be airdropped to the user’s wallet within two weeks of the end of the event.

3) Vee.Finance reserves the right to immediately disqualify the participation of any participant who shows signs of fraudulent behaviors and cancel or modify the rules of the event at its sole discretion.

Vee.Finance Team



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