Thanksgiving Event: Invite Your Friends to Farm on Vee.Finance and Earn Extra 20% VEE Mining Rewards

Vee Finance
2 min readNov 11, 2021

Dear users.

We have launched an “Invite to Farm” Thanksgiving event. During the event, users can go to the Vee.Finance Airdrop page to copy their own invitation link, which can be used to invite other users to Farm on Vee.Finance and inviters will receive rewards. Currently, VEE-USDT.e has an APR of over 480%.

Click here for the Farm user guides.

Event Rewards.

After an invitee provides liquidity to the Vee.Finance Farm pool, the inviter can earn 20% of the direct invitees’ mining revenue, the invitee can be tied to one person for the invitation and the inviter’s invitation revenue can be accumulated.

Event Time.

November 11, 2021, 00:00(EST) to November 25, 2021, 23:59(EST)

Event Rules.

1. Users can invite other users to participate in the Farm by sharing the invitation link. Invited users are considered eligible participants if the number of LP tokens deposited in any of the Farm pools is more than or equal to 3000 VEE.

2. During the event period, if the invitee removes the liquidity, the inviter will not be able to enjoy the invitee’s share of the rewards.

3. Each inviter can invite multiple users using the same invitation link, and each user can only be invited once, no relationship can be re-established when the page is opened using another invitation link after the invitation.

4. The invitation relationship is one-way, two users cannot invite each other, for example, if user A invites user B, it means that A and B have already established an invitation relationship, user B cannot invite A in the opposite direction.

Event description

1. Reward calculation: A invites B, B invites C. B mines 1000 $VEE, C mines 5000 $VEE, then A gets a referral reward of 1000*20% = 200 $VEE, B gets a referral reward of 5000*20% = 1000 $VEE.

2. The rewards will be airdropped to the inviter’s wallet within two weeks after the end of the event.

3. The Vee team reserves the right to immediately disqualify any participant who shows signs of fraudulent behavior and reserves the right to make a final interpretation of the event rules.



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