Vee.Finance Weekly Report 10/11

Hey, Vee.Finance community,

Welcome to our weekly report where we keep the Community up to date about what to expect in the coming week and provide a quick recap of the previous week.

Last week recap:

V2 mainnet relaunched on Avalanche

V2 mainnet has launched on Avalanche on October 7. In addition to the currently available functions, V2 provides users convenience to buy or sell VEE within the Dapp, as well as supporting VEE farming with tokens in the wallet.

Partnering with DeFi Security Project Lossless

We have partnered with DeFi security institution Lossless to recover the stolen funds as soon as possible. Lossless helped Cream Finance to recover 5,152.6 ethers ($ 16.7 million) that were stolen in the August exploit. If Lossless can trace the hacker and recover all the stolen funds, we would like to offer 25% of the stolen funds as rewards.

V2 Statistics

the total value locked (TVL) on Vee.Finance surpasses $17 million, the total number of deposited users reached 195. In terms of mining rewards, WETH.e has the highest borrow APR, up to 480%, and APR of over 250% for both the VEE-AVAX and VEE-USD.e pools.

In the stable coin sector, USDT.e and USDC.e both have Borrow APR over 30%. It is worth mentioning that the stable coin sector has a 90% collateralization rate and no liquidation risk. Read more here:

Roadmap for V2

We have released the roadmap for V2. Check it out and give it a follow — it will be a good source for referencing features and articles.

Coming up:

Developing staking feature

The technical team are working developing the staking feature. Once this feature is live, VEE token holders will easily be able to participate in single coin pledge mining and start earning rewards.

Creating a compensation pool

Compensation pools are being created. Inside the pool will be five tokens AVAX, WBTC, WETH, LINK and USDT.

Enable more stable coin as collateral

We’re planning to add additional stable coin pools to the stable coin sector.

More Vee.Finance website UI Updates

Expect a few more updates and some usability fixes based on your feedback. If you have further feedback, please reach out to our community team on Telegram.


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