Vee.Finance Weekly Report 02/21

Vee Finance
Feb 21, 2022


Hey, Vee.Finance community,

Last week recap:


Grant Reistad, the CMO of Vee.Finance, joined in an AMA on HECO chain. At this AMA, he provided detailed information on Vee.Finance as well as some key products, new advanced features, and exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Read more here about the AMA recap.


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About Vee.Finance

Vee.Finance is a DeFi lending platform for traditional financial and crypto users. We are committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi and providing users with better digital asset management services. Our mission is to reduce barriers for traditional users to participate in DeFi and optimize the efficiency of global asset allocation.

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Vee Finance

A lending protocol platform on Avalanche that bridges the gap between traditional financial users and crypto users.