Vee.Finance Meme War

Vee.Finance is hosting a meme contest to encourage the community members to create memes.

This competition is sponsored by Vee.Finance with the purpose of generating and circulating memes that promote Vee.Finance money market which includes Borrow, Supply, Farm and Staking. The awareness generated will be entirely organic and no contest participant is required to provide any form of payment to participate in the contest.

Rules of Engagement:

Did one of your idols, celebrity crushes, venerated leaders of nations (etc), say something inspirational during their lifetime?

Are you a fan of any TV show or movie series?

Do you wish they said something about the revolution of Vee.Finance instead? Just grab a famous photo, edit it to say something funny about Vee.Finance money market!

Here’s your chance! Have your favourite idols, celebrity crushes, venerated leaders of nations (etc) say some inspirational words about Vee.Finance.

Vee.Finance Meme Wars! Is all about creating memes and the public figures in the memes! — A fun way to promote Vee.Finance’s money market feature to the general public.

However, to engage in this Vee.Finance war, you must follow some basic rules of engagement!

The contest is on Telegram and Twitter only.

The contest will last from November 3rd,2021 to November 12th, 2021 midnight following the Pacific Standard Time (PST)!

You must use the hashtag #VeeFinanceMemeWars in all your entries and you must include your VEE address that will get the rewards if you win.

No badmouthing / dissing other projects or competing projects.

No disrespectful, rude or lewd pictography or references allowed.

Only 2 memes max per ID/AVAX-C address per participant is allowed. Each person can have max 2 winning memes.

There will be 10 winners, with 10 winning memes where max 2 winning memes per ID is accepted.

The total prize pool is worth $500 and the prize distribution will be done as per the following table:

How to participate? Very simple!

To take part in this contest, you just have to do a series of very simple tasks in this form by clicking here:

Step 0: Register for Vee.Finance Meme Contest

Google Form : fill it up with the relevant details and meme links.

Step 1: Follow @VeeFinance on Twitter

Step 2: Join VeeFinace’s Telegram Group ( and Channel (

Step 3: Retweet vee.Finance meme competition tweet

Step 4: Create an amazing meme/GIF on Vee.Finance

Step 5: Post the meme/GIF on Twitter and tag @VeeFinance

Step 6: Share the meme/GIF in VeeFinance’s Telegram community

Each participant can submit 1–2 memes.

Post the meme with the #VeeFinanceMemeWars on Twitter by replying to @VeeFinance as well as on the official Telegram chat and copy the relevant tweet / message URLS

⚠️ Google form : fill it up with the relevant details and meme links.

It is important to fill the google form accurately, once done, sit back and relax. The winning meme will be decided by the admin team at VeeFinace .

About Vee Finance

Vee.Finance is a DeFi lending platform for traditional financial and crypto users. We are committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi and providing users with better digital asset management services. Our mission is to reduce barriers for traditional users to participate in DeFi and optimize the efficiency of global asset allocation.

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Vee Finance

A lending protocol platform on Avalanche that bridges the gap between traditional financial users and crypto users.