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4 min readSep 14, 2021

We are pleased to announce that after the development team’s efforts, many users’ public testing and the smart contract passing the audit of SlowMist Technology, Vee.Finance officially launched on the Mainnet on September 14 and started liquidity mining at the same time.

Since summer of 2020, DeFi has shown a spurt of development for more than a year. More and more institutions and projects are trying to explore more diverse and efficient innovative applications of DeFi, hoping to replace inefficient traditional financial products with decentralized protocols. This has been particularly rapid with the development of lending platforms, DEX and other types of applications.

For right now, the interaction between DeFi lending platforms and DEX is low-frequency and fragmented, with little intersection between the two side. This is an unreasonable and urgent problem: lending agreements often do not have direct lending application scenarios, and a large amount of funds are deposited in them without being effectively used, making the flow of funds relatively inefficient; DEX transactions are more frequent but lack sufficient liquidity support, and there is currently a lack of DEX in the market that supports leveraged transactions.

This is the reason why Vee.Finance was founded. As a DeFi cross-chain lending platform for traditional financial users, Vee.Finance hopes to give full play to the combinability of DeFi, effectively integrate the sinking funds in lending agreements and DEX, and pioneer the function of leveraged lending, which significantly improves the utilization and liquidity of funds.

Vee.Finance is committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi, bringing the high liquidity of the traditional market into the DeFi market, allowing traditional users to enjoy lower risk and higher returns, while also giving DeFi users access to more favorable funding sources, and providing better digital asset management services to users.

Vee.Finance is also actively experimenting with a full range of innovations in terms of trading models and incentives. Unlike other DeFi projects, Vee.Finance has introduced a multiple mining mechanism where all contributions to the platform will be taken into account, including liquidity mining, transaction mining, and leveraged mining. We hope that all users who participate in and support Vee.Finance will enjoy the rewards of the platform’s development.

The unique business concept and model have also won the recognition of many investment institutions, and Vee. Finance has completed private and seed funding rounds from Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund, Avalanche Asia Eco Fund AVATAR, LD Capital, AC Capital, AP Capital, Avalaunch, Aussie Capital, AV Star Capital, BCA Investments, Black Mamba Ventures, CatcherVC, Chronos Ventures, Cobak, Crypto Avengers, Damo Labs, Dutch Crypto Investors, DCI, FBG Capital, Favor Ventures, Panony, Kryptos Research, Lancer Capital, Limestone Capital, MEXC Global, Mint Ventures, Muhabbit Ventures, Momentum 6, New Tribe Capital, NGC Ventures, Phenomenon Capital, Phoenix VC, Redline DAO, Unpeeld Venture Labs, Tokuto Capital, Ti Capital, ViaBTC Capital, 7 O’Clock Capital, Waterdrip Capital, etc.

As for cooperative institutions, Vee.Finance has already reached strategic cooperation with Pangolin, Hurricane, Chainlink and so on. Vee.Finance will soon connect with more projects and institutions to provide more liquidity support for the platform and improve the efficiency of asset utilization and user experience.

After the development team’s efforts, many users’ public testing and the smart contract passing the audit of SlowMist Technology, we are proud to announce that Vee.Finance launched its mainnet on September 14 and started liquidity mining at the same time. Of course the mainnet launch is just the beginning, in the future Vee.Finance will offer more features.

  • Limit order system. Vee.Finance matching algorithm will match and settle trades by traversing the buy and sell orders of its integrated DExes and automate the execution, instead of relying solely on the price of one DEx, which can greatly improve the utilization of funds.
  • Supporting more public chains. Vee.Finance will gradually expand its support to other public chains to increase the number of asset trading categories and scale according to the needs of the community.
  • Derivatives trading. Vee.Finance will integrate decentralized derivatives trading platform to meet more diverse and complex financial needs of users.

We firmly believe that the open finance concept brought by DeFi is strengthening links and integration with traditional finance while trying to build a new world parallel to the traditional financial system. With the influx of more traditional funds and users, Vee.Finance, which starts from the demand and targets a wider user group, is worth waiting for!

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Vee.Finance is a DeFi lending platform for traditional financial and crypto users. We are committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi and providing users with better digital asset management services. Our mission is to reduce barriers for traditional users to participate in DeFi and optimize the efficiency of global asset allocation.

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