Update on the Hacker Launder Stolen Fund Using Tornado.Cash

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2 min readApr 4, 2022

Dear Vee.Finance community,

The hacker’s on-chain activity is closely monitored, and he started to launder the stolen funds from Vee.Finance through a so-called Ethereum “mixer,” known as Tornado.Cash on April 2. A total of 8,806 ETH worth of stolen funds were transferred to Tornado.Cash.

Partial transaction logs of hacker launder stolen fund using Tornado.Cash

On-chain transaction data from Etherscan shows that the hacker used 88 transactions in batches of 100 Ether and 1 transaction in 1 ETH to send stolen funds to Tornado Cash. You can follow this link to view the details of each transaction.

We believe that a large amount of ETH is deposited into Tornado Cash, which may exhibit some traceable characteristics. We are working with security firms to analyze the characteristics of these transactions and will present these clues to the law enforcement department.

We will continue to work with security firms to monitor the transaction flow of the stolen assets via on-chain tools and reach out to the CEXes and DEXes. For the following addresses to which the hackers transferred the stolen funds before, we are still closely monitoring the flow of funds.

ETH address



BTC address





Moreover, the law enforcement department has taken over the case and we will be posting updates on our social media. Thank you for your continued support. If you believe you can help contribute to this effort, please reach out via Twitter DM, or Telegram.



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