The compensation pool is now available

Vee Finance
Mar 1, 2022


The compensation pool(2/28) is now available, and eligible users can claim their share.

Who is Eligible?

All users who supplied in the V1 Crypto pool but were unable to withdraw their assets after the attack. Their relevant wallets will be eligible to withdraw funds in the compensation pool.

How much are you eligible for?

As of February 28, 2022, the revenue in Vee.Finance is equivalent to 4,776​​ USDT and we have supplied all the retrievable revenue into the compensation pool. The eligible users can withdraw funds according to their share.

The number of tokens supplied has been calculated as a percentage of their dollar value and the token price based on a snapshot as of January 28 EST.

*0.95 WETH.e

*0.026 WBTC.e

*516 USDT.e


*7.5 LINK.e



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