Halloween VEE Staking Event Winners Announcement

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2 min readNov 1, 2021


Dear users.

The Halloween event ended on 31 October, and the number of users who participated in this event reached 744, and over 5,200,000 VEE tokens are currently staked. Thanks to the community users for their active participation!

Staking is a new feature we recently launched which rewards long-term VEE holders. Users can earn more fixed rewards while holding VEE for a long time by staking VEE tokens.

According to the rules of the event, all users who staked more than 2,000 VEE tokens and did not do un-staking transactions during the event period will receive additional 500% APR VEE tokens as the Halloween treat. Out of the 744 participants, we have 667 eligible addresses.

And here are the most anticipated lucky winners! We have taken a snapshot of the first block transaction hash ID at 23:59 EDT of October 31. The transaction hash ID is 0x5a2ad0ff97b31bc1b65c2b3021de92800c395a0c0cef22460f2764ca460b7154.

Winner 1 (3,000 USDT ) address: 0x268f487cbA33660039d36E7ec164725e8b9A0669

Corresponding transaction hash ID: 0x59e6abef759dc5b0366eb4a40d1bd74e70290525bfe3f16e8340f6c79f1bcbe1

Winner 2 (1,000% Staking APR) address: 0xb59230bb264eC607AfE065a75ff45F628a08dB8f

Corresponding transaction hash ID: 0x59d83fc5dc71786ec5fcc348c460debed93aa4a088cbe357af1f1f93a8f4027e

Congratulations to the 2 winners!

The rewards for all 667 participants, as well as the 2 lucky winners, will be airdropped to wallets in the next 2 weeks, please stay tuned.

Thanks for your support!

Vee.Finance Team

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