All Smart Contract of Vee.Finance Have Been Verified

Vee Finance
Nov 10, 2021

Hi, Vee.Finance community,

Vee.Finance’s smart contracts are open-source and hosted on the Avalanche chain, and you can verify this on the Avalanche c-chain explorer:

Here are some of the contracts addresses:

“VEE”: “0x3709E8615E02C15B096f8a9B460ccb8cA8194e86”,

“veAVAX”: “0x125605c515e3f75CAd62d3613c97A76F13d73A64”,

“veWBTC.e”: “0x2773604fcf4dEA8854e0a9Fe7E96aD8f39d7C369”,

“veWETH.e”: “0xF8275D3aa3d7b75FF558a3AA4Ad9BAB03E33bfB7”,

“veUSDT.e”: “0x255F6a69F1c7195fd8850eD6DE3EF98937915F60”,

“veUSDC.e”: “0xA4A4C639A8C3D0729d95745381405FBD92711F48”

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